Saturday, April 30, 2011


An Electra,
Black, broken and
With tears
Her christening
A hellish day
of sear
And for eternity
She roams with horror
And fear.

Oh Electra,
Let all prophecies
Let all shutters unfold
And darkness,
Hover in.

You were for a forgiveness,
And the angels,
Will no longer
Carry your burden,
Go, Electra, fly
With unfeathered wings,
And scream,
Till the end of existence.

She marches
With a step
Steady in pace
Clinks of her heels
Echo the empty place

Cold and stiff
Her reddish eye
Searches the world
With a piercing cry
Then a loathsome prayer
To the setting sun
That awaits on it
To fade
And peacefully die.


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