Monday, December 21, 2009

Yellow pages,
Patches of darkened ink.
A move in the dark,
That raised questions,
Written on a book of silk.

Colors and highlights,
For nobody to see.
Blisters making marks on the margins,
Pictures with glue; of utter glee.

Making lines in the sand with words,
Stopping the world with a touch of a hand.
Standing alone on top of a hill,
Ordering them to take a stand.

Don't hesitate,
It's an open page,
Write your elegy and run into the moonlight,
Care-free and useless, you laugh from delight,
At the very dreams you lost with age.

Rambles on a discussion.

Today I had a rather interesting discussion with a friend. Should we befriend those who differ from REALLY differ, as in different beliefs and different orientations and stuff like that. My point of view is that you should befriend them on the ground that we simply can't live in separate islands, we need to interact, and we might learn/teach something to each other. She wasn't convinced. She said that she can't deal with those she's doesn't approve of. For instance, being straight, she can't handle anyone who's homosexual. Being a devout believer, she can't befriend someone who's an atheist. At this point I decided to argue no more. I don't have a problem with being with those different. Hell, if I didn't hang out with some 'different' people, I'd have been stuck on the same old rotten beliefs of mine.

However, being a devout 'straight' believer myself, I can't lie and say I'm totally okay with constantly being with someone who's that different. I respect the 'right' of anyone to do whatever they think if best be done with their lives. But I can't help my feelings sometimes. They're not feelings of disgust or discomfort, rather they're feelings of being different. Like you're talking to someone from another planet. They won't understand you.

One of things that always makes me angry is how we look at each other with condescension. We're right, we know best, and everyone else should burn in hell. The point about this stand is that you're always looking out for those whom you can look down upon. Pretty lame if you ask me. And TOO tiring, and for no good. You lay back in you bed thinking that you're safe for the night. Should you die that night, you're on the safe side, you're 'right', they, and only they, will be tortured and taken to the stake.

Now I don't claim that I'm not like that sometimes. If I don't believe in the rightness of my beliefs, then what's the point of having them. However (I love that word), for those who will supposedly 'burn in hell' for disagreeing with my oh-too-correct beliefs...well, let them talk and let them burn in hell. Why bother! I'm not saying we should stop listening to each other, but sometimes this is the only way to be peaceful. After too many discussions you realize that nothing can be done. Just shut up, and they'll shut up eventually. If you can't get them to listen and reason, then don't get yourself a needless headache.

Dare to disagree?!


This blog is an escapist. For me or for you, it doesn't really matter. It's writing off the top of my head about anything. I'm not a professional writer, I'm not a top-of-the-line poet or even a thinker, I'm none of that. I'm ordinary, perhaps that's what makes me special after all. I might think too much at times, and other times I'm constantly trying to get rid of these thoughts.
Anyways, whatever scrambles you find here are entirely my own, all made up, nothing borrowed. I don't borrow my nonsense that's for sure.

Enjoy the stay.