Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crossing the World

A heavy sigh
Of worn out dreams
Hustling to redeem
A melting soul

Measure the words
This forsaken world
Keeps in hiding
Its spiteful curse

A walk in the green
Darker than it seems
And blown in the air
Kisses forming cries

A master of disguise
He crosses all the lines
A gentle touch of a hand
Turn it all to yellow
And everything dies

She stripped all her miseries
A milky-road of insanities
Waits there upon her
To cross
Before the water dries

And hopeful she solely stepped
One foot in water
Another in mud
The trees around
Suddenly become
Brisk and alert

As the world trembles
The heavy wall falls
Crawling in thick water
She turns around and hears
The weeping of astounded souls

*The poem is partly inspired by Sylvia Plath's "Crossing the Water" and Salvador Dali's painting The Making of the New Man which is shown below.


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